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Dr. Ever Castellanos

Medicine has always been my passion, I will dedicate my life to helping others to live!

Graduated in 2015 from the complex specialty of Neurosurgery, at the prestigious Cuban School of Medicine, Dr. Castellanos has more than 7 years of uninterrupted and dedicated work.

Professional Resume

– Graduated Neurosurgeon in Cuba, 2015

– Vascular neurosurgery with microsurgical approach, Hermanos Ameijeiras Hospital in Havana, 2016-2017

– Neurosurgery at the Mario Catarino Rivas Hospital in San Pedro Sula, 2017-2018

– Neurosurgery in several clinics and hospitals in Honduras, 2018 – present

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Doctor Ever Castellanos, neurocirujano Honduras

Why with Doctor Castellanos

Humanity and love are the values that contribute most to his identity. Providing the best quality of life for patients is the top priority.


More than 7 years of uninterrupted activity. Operations in prestigious centers

High specialization

Performs procedures to treat various diseases associated with the head and spine


Values of humanity, love, compromise to each case are clearly identified

Foreign reach

He has worked as a neurosurgeon outside national borders

Centers where he has operated

Areas in which we dive in

Dr. Ever Castellanos is more than his willingness to help, its essence is to help improve the quality of life of its patients. Health and life come first.

Doctor Ever Castellanos, neurocirujano Honduras

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