Specialized brain and spine medical assistance services are provided. Patients are the reason for being in this profession. Effort and heart are put in a unique way in each case.

Doctor Ever Castellanos, neurocirujano Honduras

Consultations and studies

Recognition of patients, creation or follow-up of clinical history, particular case study.

Doctor Ever Castellanos, neurocirujano Honduras


Performance of surgeries with first level techniques, by a team of experienced professionals.

Doctor Ever Castellanos, neurocirujano Honduras


Procedures and postoperative care with supervision and care 24 hours a day.



It works in the entire discipline of Neurosurgery, with special attention to:

01. Headaches and seizures

02. Cranio-encephalic traumatisms and sequels

03. Brain and spinal cord tumors

04. Spine trauma

05. Hydrocephalias

06. Herniated discs

07. Brain hemorrhages

08. Spinal instability

Study cases

Summary of some successful case studies, where hope and life won. We were together at every moment. The following videos have explicit and bloody scenes, they are not suitable for minors, or people sensitive to this type of content.

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